You must demonstrate you might be ready for college prior.

You must demonstrate you might be ready for college prior.


Should you not meet these requirements, you may well be advised to join up for a co-requisite support course as well as your math and English course, or perhaps you may be advised to join up for an intensive, reading and writing course prior to college composition. Support courses are designed to aid you in completing your English and math courses during your first semester. Do you need math or English courses to acquire a certificate or degree? You will be strongly encouraged to take these classes through your first semester. Advisors can assist you within the right course.

International students or students seeking to boost their English, please click here.

Options to Demonstrate College Readiness

Option 1. ACT, SAT or Accuplacer Scores

Unofficial ACT, SAT, and Accuplacer placement test scores from in the past five (5) years may online be submitted.

The minimum test scores to show College Readiness are the following:

  • ACT | English: 18 | Math: 19 for MAT 120/135 or 23 for MAT 121
  • SAT (Taken just before March 2016) | Critical Reading: 430 for English | Math: 460
  • SAT (Taken after March 2016) | Evidence-Based Reading and Writing: 470 for English | Math: 500 for MAT 120/135 | Math: 560 or higher for MAT 121
  • Classic Accuplacer | Sentence Skills: 95 | Reading Comprehension: 80 (Recommended) | Elementary Algebra: 60 for MAT 120/135 | Elementary Algebra: 85 for MAT 121
  • Next Generation Accuplacer | Writing: 246 for ENG 121 | Quantitative Reasoning, Algebra and Statistics: 240 for MAT 120/135/155/156 | Advanced Algebra and procedures: 245 for MAT 121/123.
  • Scores from advanced placement exams, international baccalaureate exams, and/or CLEP exams from inside the past five (5) years can be submitted for review in the Testing Center.

Option 2. High School Coursework & GPA

  • College-Level Math Course without Support Lab
  • You may enroll in any entry college-level math course without a support lab if you are currently in or graduated high school within the past two years with a 2.75 cumulative unweighted GPA and passed Algebra II or Math III with a “B” grade or better.
  • College-Level Math Course with Support Lab
  • If you should be currently in or graduated senior school in the past two years, passed Algebra II or Math III, but do not meet with the GPA or grade requirements, you may possibly enroll in any entry college-level math course with all the appropriate support lab.
  • English 121 without Support Lab
  • You may enroll in English 121 without a support lab if you are currently in or graduated high school within the past two years with a 2.75 cumulative unweighted GPA and passed English III or AP English with a “B” grade or better.
  • English 121 with Support Lab
  • You may enroll in CCR 092 or ENG 121 paired with CCR 094 if you are currently in or graduated high school within the past two years and passed English III or AP English, but do not meet the GPA or grade requirements.
  • You need to turn in your twelfth grade transcripts to registration and records. We will review the transcripts to exempt you against taking all or portions for the assessment tests (math, reading and English).

Option 3. College Credit Transfer

Official transcripts are evaluated for transfer of credit and reviewed to exempt a student from taking all or portions regarding the assessment tests (math, reading, and English).

Official transcripts and test score reports must certanly be submitted towards the Office of Registration & Records (Confluence Building, room 114).

You may even mail transcripts that are official test scores towards the Office of Registration & Records: Campus Box 201, P.O. Box 173363, Denver, CO 80217-3363.

Unofficial college transcripts are reviewed to exempt a learning student from taking all or portions associated with assessment tests (math, reading, and English). Unofficial transcripts needs to be submitted along side a completed Transcript Intake Form for review.

  • Transcripts is going to be reviewed for evidence that an Associate of Arts, Associate of Science, bachelor’s, master’s, or doctorate degree was conferred or that developmental or college-level courses demonstrating reading, writing, and math was successfully (C or maybe more) completed at a regionally accredited institution.
  • International transcripts should be translated and evaluated by one of the agencies listed on the NACES webpage.
  • Math coursework completed more than 10-years ago cannot be used to qualify for an exemption through the math assessment test. Exemptions derive from how the completed coursework even compares to courses provided by CCD.
  • Transcript reviews take up to 7-10 business days. Please plan accordingly.

Option 4. Senior High School Equivalency Diploma

GED (Taken after 1, 2015), HiSET, and TASC transcripts can also be reviewed for exemptions and can be submitted online january.

The minimum test scores to demonstrate College Readiness are as follows:

  • GED | Reasoning through Language Arts: 165 | Mathematical Reasoning: 165
  • HiSET | Language Arts Reading: 15 | Language Arts Writing: 15 | Math: 15
  • TASC | Reading: 580 | Writing: 560 | Writing Essay: 6 | Math: 560

Option 5. College Ready Questionnaire

You may demonstrate you may be ready for college-level English through an English self-assessment questionnaire. Your responses will soon be reviewed and also you shall receive an email to your CCD email account utilizing the most appropriate English and/or college composition for you. In the event that total link between the survey are unclear or you do not concur with the link between your placement, you may possibly decide to use the English placement test.

Students are automatically placed in to the college-level math class for their math pathway with a support class. Should you want to opt-out of this math support courses you are able to submit college transcripts or test scores to show college readiness. You may choose to take the math placement test if you are not able to submit college transcripts or test scores that demonstrate college readiness.

English as a language that is secondESL)

CCD enrolls many students whose first language is not English. If you want to improve your English, you may possibly or may not need additional English as a moment Language (ESL) courses before pursuing your certificate or degree of choice (or if ESL courses are your only educational objective at CCD). You ought to make the ESL assessment test when your primary language is other than English. You’ll be able to talk with an ESL advisor for those who have questions regarding ESL classes. Find out about the ESL placement test.

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