Traveling together with your Vape

Traveling together with your Vape

Travelling with vapes/e-cigarettes, e-liquid and vape add-ons has become very common for many people, but you can find a rules that are few instructions you should know of before jumping in the air plane.

First off, any charging or usage of the vape on an airplane is strictly forbidden and dangerous.

Next, always double-check with flight staff to ensure that you are complying utilizing the airline’s policies.

This informative article is a guideline for just how to properly and lawfully travel together with your vapes, eliquid and add-ons.

Carry On or Check In?

  • Your unit, batteries and tank should always be kept in your keep on luggage.
  • E-Liqu >Vape Device:
  • Always be certain to show your device down before boarding.
  • Unscrew the tank through the unit if at all possible.

  • In a battery case if you have a device that uses external batteries, ensure to remove the batteries from the device and place them.
  • It’s a good notion to fully empty your tank before traveling, since the improvement in level usually creates a force lock leading to leaking.
  • Maintaining your vape gear within one location in your case can certainly make it simpler to find your mod into the instance of any problems.


  • Always check all containers for leakages.
  • Ensure that the measurements of every container does not surpass allowable liquid quantities (typically 100ml optimum).
  • Juice should certainly be kept in either carry-on or checked baggage it’s constantly best to always check with Airport staff.
  • Shop in a ziplock that is clear, in the event of a drip.
  • Remember to check out the legislation regarding the nation you might be going to or moving through, as some nations prohibit smoking e-liquid.


  • Constantly eliminate batteries from your own unit if it’s feasible to take action.
  • Always store batteries securely in a high quality insulating battery pack situation.
  • Constantly shop batteries on carry-on baggage.


  • Get rid of the pod from your own unit and keep it sealed (if at all possible) whilst you fly. The air-pressure from the cabin might cause your pod to leak, therefore for approx before you insert it again, wrap the bottom of the pod with some paper towels and blow through it. 5 seconds to clean out any excess e-liquid.
  • Keep all un-opened pods in sealed packets while flying.

E-cigarettes are generally running on lithium-ion batteries, that could self-ignite if damaged, confronted with high temperates or have manufacturing problem, consequently they have to be kept in your carry-on baggage in case of any event.

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